Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Zu goes on CNN

This past (Friday) 2/25/10, Lucas (Zu) was asked to be on CNN. Ali Velshi, the news anchor invited several students to be on a panel of what is a broken government and how do we fix it. Instead of butchering what transpired, here is some of the transcript from cnn.

Ali Velshi: What do you think about government? Is it broken? And how do you fix it?

LUCAS PUENTE, STUDENT, UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA: I agree with Tracy. I think there has to be a balance though between the effectiveness of our policies and also immediate action.

Obviously, Congress has been slowed significantly in the past year and a half with some tactics employed by both parties, but I think we can get over this and come up with some wise, pragmatic policies that can have long-term success while also getting to a short-term fix as well.

VELSHI: You worked with Barack Obama when he was in Congress. Is that correct?


VELSHI: And what did you do with him?

PUENTE: I worked as an intern, so sort of the usual tasks.

VELSHI: The usual stuff interns do?

PUENTE: The usual task of answering phones, giving Capitol tours, et cetera. But I also did some substantive work with the economic and financial team.

I am a proud of my brother, and wanted to share it will you all. Hope you enojoy.

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