Friday, March 5, 2010

Flight to PR

I am on flight to PR and decided to write a post while on board. To my left I have a kid who plays golf at bowling green (nice kid) and to my right I have this old Puerto Rican guy just offered me some pringles. He is most definitely a spaz, and he is for sure trying to read my screen, awkward. Haaha, anyways I super stooked to be on board to PR, gonna surf the outer reefs of San Juan en la maƱana. I hope to update my blog frequently while in PR, but I don't want to make any promises. Daniel will be picking me up from el aeropuerto en San Juan a las once, but I am not sure what los planes are. Es posible que nosotros vamos a la placita, and enjoy the true Puerto Rican nightlife. If you have been to San Juan and want to go out that it is place to go, el viejo San Juan is good too, but is very touristy and has less latino flavor. Ps swag surfing is legit isn't it? Maybe it is a little dated, but it still sounds good to me. Enough rambling I will post again soon.

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