Sunday, January 31, 2010

A different John

John Edwards, once presidential hopeful, now chauvinistic unfaithful prototypical politician. Mr. Edwards comes a very respectful and humble beginning. His ex-wife's (Elizabeth) parents paid for his law school because he couldn't afford it. He proposed to Elizabeth with an 8 dollar ring. For their anniversary they went to Wendy's because anything else was to expensive. John grew out of "nothing" and became one of North Carolina's most repectable trial lawyers. A beginning that would instill integrity and a moral code hard to be broken, you would think. Two days ago John and Elizabeth ended their tumultuous marriage and publically seperated. Once an extremely repectable man now has lost respect from virtually everyone including his most loyal supporters. Over the holiday break in Wilmington, N.C., Mr. Edwards was mingling in a local bar. Rumor has it that he was in Wilmington visiting Rielle Hunter, his baby's momma. With all that said, I realized how glibness in a politician categorically different than any other individual. He made me quickly forget that he was narcissistic spineless politician with a simple "nice to meet you."

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  1. I didn't know all of the stuff about John Edwards. What a shame! Thanks for your great blog. Zom